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Shipbuilding company “AEROHOD” specializes in the design and manufacture of amphibious hovercraft. Support of transport operations using amphibious and seaworthy hovercraft is the main direction of our business.

Since the year 1999 the company has developed, certified and built the following amphibious hovercraft: A5, A8, A20, A25, A32 and A48 which accommodate from  3 to 50 people.

At present there are over 1000 units of the above mentioned hovercraft in operation. The sales geography covers almost the entire territory of Russia.

Exports include countries such as Finland, Sweden, South Korea, UAE, India, China.

“AEROHOD” company has its own manufacturing facilities and also incorporates research, design and technology units that enable to carry out the full cycle of development and construction of hovercraft.

During operation of hovercraft under different environmental conditions we obtained practical experience in education and training of crews, in organization and carrying out of maintenance and repairs. We developed a set of constructive and organizational measures to ensure the reliability and safety of hovercraft operation on the sea.

Since 2012 the company “AEROHOD” develops hovercraft of large capacity and WIG-hovercraft. Our technical solutions formed the basis of A100, A750 hovercraft and high-speed A18 WIG-hovercraft with high economic efficiency due to reduction of construction and operation costs.