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A8 hovercraft (Hivus-10)

Amphibious hovercraft HIVUS-10 is intended for year-round operation as a cruising, rescue, tourist, ambulance or patrol vehicle as well as for passenger transportation.

Operation range of the hovercraft  – water basisns with max wave height up to 1,2 m.

Distinctive features:

  1. Ability to move in shallow waters, over swamps, deep snow, broken ice and to overcome slightly sloping river banks, washouts and sand ridges;
  2. Original design of air cushion (Russian patent RF No 2097231), providing a high level of safety due to increased stability and maneuverability;
  3. Safe emergency braking on firm ground;
  4. Air cushion parts non-freezing to icy surfaces;
  5. Low noise propeller.







Model Price without VAT, USD Advance payment, % Term of delivery
«HIVUS – 10» hovercraft 70 000 (with Russian petrol ZMZ-409 engine, 143 HP) 50 2 months


 All prices are on Ex-Works basis (without delivery costs).


 –  hull, superstructure, steering system, electric system (battery excluded), fuel system – 1 year or 500 operation hours (what comes first).

–  inflatable parts of air cushion and skirts – 1 year or 500 operation hours (what comes first). Warranty covers manufacturing faults only.

–  engine – 1 year or 350 hours (what comes first).

–  main propeller, air superchargers – 1 year or 300 operation hours (what comes first). Abrasive wear and mechanical damages are not covered by the warranty.

Prices for optional equipment, tools and spare parts

(the prices for optional equipment should be added the above Ex-Works price)


No Description Price without VAT
1 IVECO S30ENTC29 diesel engine, 197 HP 13500 USD
2 TOYOTA 1KD diesel engine 16590 USD
3 Сummins ISF 2.8 diesel engine, 150 HP 11950 USD
4 Reversible propeller 6400 USD
5 Air conditioner 3000 USD
6 Cabin air heater 1000 USD
7 Double glazing 530 USD
8 Foldable table 150 USD
9 External baggage holder or additional fuel tanks 2 x 60 liters 410 USD
10 Leather finish, improved noise insulation 720 USD
11 Roof loudspeaker 700 USD
12 Radio station and antenna Depends on type
13 GPS Depends on type
14 Stereo system, antenna Depends on type
15 Electric winch 750 USD
16 Additional air cushion protection 520 USD
17 Lifting spreader with ropes 200 USD
18 Keel blocks, 2 pcs. 105 USD
19 Lower balloons of the air cushion (summer version) 5700 USD
20 Lower balloons of the air cushion (winter version) with detachable protective parts 7000 USD
21 Detachable protective parts for balloons (spare parts set) 2150 USD
22 Main propeller toothed belt 690 USD
23 Air supercharger toothed belt 65 USD
24 Hot air gun 55 USD
25 Anchor, 6 kg 140 USD
26 Trailer (unloading by means of pneumatic balloons) 3600 USD
27 Self-unloading trailer 6500 USD
28 Pneumatic balloon 110 USD
29 Boat canvas 490 USD
30 Additional battery 270 USD
31 Ladder 340 USD
32 Customer painting (basic color – white) 275 USD
33 Ice thickness meter (basic version) 3600 USD
34 Ice thickness meter (vehicle version) 4700 USD


A5 hovercraft (Hivus-6)
A5 hovercraft (Hivus-6)
Capacity 6 prs.
Series production. Total number of manufactured A5 hovercraft - 314 units.
Price 60 000 USD
A8 hovercraft (Hivus-10)
A8 hovercraft (Hivus-10)
Capacity 10 prs.
Series production. Total number of manufactured A8 hovercraft - 569 units.
Price 70 000 USD
A20 hovercraft
A20 hovercraft
Capacity 12 - 26 prs.
The first craft was delivered to the customer in 2015.
Price 360 000 USD
A25 hovercraft
A25 hovercraft
Capacity 12 - 72 prs.
The first hovercraft was delivered to the customer in 2014.
Price 940 000 USD
A32 hovercraft
A32 hovercraft
Capacity 12 prs.
Expedition vessel of river-sea class. It is operated since 2007.
Price 940 000 USD
A48 hovercraft
A48 hovercraft
Capacity up to 48 prs.
Passenger hovercraft of river-sea class. It is operated since 2008.
Price 940 000 USD
A750 hovercraft
A750 hovercraft
Capacity 60 t payload
Unloading of cargo on shallow, unequipped coast. Work in ice conditions.
Price USD
A18 WIG-hovercraft
A18 WIG-hovercraft (Tungus-18)
Capacity 18 prs.
Sea and river transportation of passengers and cargo. Cruising speed 200 km/h.
Price USD